Books cover virtually any topic, fact or fiction.  You may find books that cover your research question, and others in which only a chapter or two is relevant. It's not cheating to only read and use the chapters that relate to your topic.

NCC Libraries organize and store most of the book collection on shelves called "stacks." The stacks are located in the main area of the library. 

Use a Book

  • to look for an extensive amount of information on a topic in one place
  • to put your topic in context with other important issues
  • to find historical information
  • to find summaries of research to support an argument
  • to find bibliographies that point to other relevant research


  • Nash, Gary B. ed. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, 1990.
  • Krakauer, Jon.  Into the Wild, 1996.
  • Smith, J. T. Roman Villas: A Study in Social Structure, 1997.