Groups on the Web

The information you find on the Web is as varied as the people who put it there. Groups that publish information on the Web include:

- With a computer and a phone connection, anyone, anywhere in the world, can publish on the Web.

Libraries - NCC Libraries spends a lot of money on quality sources--journals, periodical databases, and electronic books--that it makes available on the Web.

Northampton Community College - NCC offers online classes as well as provides space for faculty to produce Web pages. Information you need to register for classes can be found on the Web.

Government Agencies - In order to make information widely available, federal, state and local governments publish many documents on the Web. The Internal Revenue Service (I R S) puts copies of tax forms on the Web.

- Organizations publish information about their purposes on the Web. For example, the American Lung Association educates about the dangers of smoking on its Web page.

- Many companies publish financial documents and press releases on their sites. They use the Web as a major marketing tool.