Tips for Better Web Results
Now you've practiced with Google. But, what about other search engines? Won't they look different? Yes. But even though they look different from each other, search engines have similar features. Once you've learned a few tips, you'll have no problem using different search engines.
Selecting search terms
Typing search terms

• Use specific terms
• Use multiple terms when possible
• Put the most important words first
• Use nouns and unique words

Use quotes " "around phrases so the search engine will search for the words as a phrase not as separate words

Reviewing your results Using advanced features
Find in Page... Once you choose a page, pull down Edit on your browser to use Find. Use the Find function to quickly find a word or phrase within a Web page.

Check out the advanced search screens to see how they can help produce better search results. Most search engines offer advanced searching features.


If you still aren't getting the results you want, check for help screens or ask at the reference desk.

Already have these mastered? Want to learn some shortcuts?