Assessing Your Students
After exploring each module, students can take a quiz over the module’s content in Blackboard. Credit should not be given for any quiz with a score under 90%. Students can retake each quiz in Blackboard as many times as needed to achieve this score. The quizzes shouldn’t be difficult if students go through the modules, and most will be able to achieve the necessary score on their first attempt.

Decide which inflite tutorials and quizzes your section will use.
We recommend that you collaboratively decide which quizzes are most appropriate for your Learning Community. If you do not have a research component, you should minimally consider completing the following tutorials to meet the library objectives for the First-Year Students:

identifying sources
finding articles
searching SpartaCat
using the Web
citing sources

Once you’ve decided upon which tutorials you’ll use, e-mail the Library Reference Librarians for information concerning using inflite quizzes in Blackboard.